Cheap Call Providers

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ProviderBest Landline RateBest Mobile Rate
123Call Ireland 1 p/min China1 p/min
Briing Dominican Republic 0 p/min Hong Kong1 p/min
Call Happy Christmas Island 0 p/min Christmas Island0 p/min
CheapSave Chile 3 p/min Hong Kong3 p/min
Cherry Call Israel 1 p/min Canada1 p/min
Dial4Discount Sweden 1 p/min Singapore1 p/min
Discount Dial Germany 1 p/min Thailand1 p/min
DoubleDial Peru 0 p/min Italy0 p/min
First Number Martinique 2 p/min China2 p/min
italk247 Czech Republic 1 p/min Thailand1 p/min
Joy Telecom Singapore 3 p/min Chatham Islands3 p/min
Just Dial p/min p/min
Juvino Argentina 1 p/min China1 p/min
Penny Phone Spain 1 p/min Canada1 p/min
Phone Bird Canada 1 p/min Canada1 p/min
Planet Talk Croatia 1 p/min India1 p/min
Pocket Dial UK Italy 1 p/min China1 p/min
RingSID France 1 p/min India1 p/min
Simply Fone p/min p/min
Story Telecom p/min p/min
Talkntalk p/min p/min
Tele88 p/min p/min
Telecalls p/min p/min
Telediscount p/min p/min
Telesavers Venezuela 1 p/min United States1 p/min
Telestunt Luxembourg 1 p/min Brunei Darussalam1 p/min